Peace & Blessings on E.A.R.T.H by liat levy on Etsy

Peace & Blessings on E.A.R.T.H by liat levy on Etsy.


Wardrobe Essentials Spring- Summer 2012- Chic Islander Style.

Wow its gettin so hot here in Southern Cali, and we still have the July- August heat ahead of us… drink pleanty of water, and dont forget to give some to the trees and plants;)

My next pick for 2012 Spring Summer wardrobe Essentials are the basic and comfortable Islander trends  to make this summer easy, breezy, fun and full of adventures.

Here are some Islander Chic Designs by Lila`s Fashion Joint.

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Wardrobe Essentials Spring- Summer 2012- Lightweight Drop Crotch Jeans by Lila`s Fashion Joint

My next pick for  2012 Spring Summer wardrobe Essentials are the drop crotch pants. I know that its either you love it or totaly cannot stand it kind of situation, which shows how much character this piece of garment has. defiantly not mainstream and i love it!!

Here is my version to the drop crotch Jeans,  I classify them as comfortable and yet sophisticated street wear, I used a very lightweight Jeans (94% Cotton, 6% Lycra Combo) which makes them work in the summer as well. I designed those pants during one of my visits to Israel, this is a very popular and diverse trend over there and in Europe as well.

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Wardrobe Essentials Spring- Summer 2012- For the love of Crochet.

I pick Crochet Tops as my #2 Spring/ Summer wardroabe essentials. There is something very romantic and down to earth about wearing handmade garments. For the Maui Hippie Chic Style wear it with maxi  skirt, shorts or over bathing suite… I personally like wearing my Crochet top with short jeans and Brown Boots… 

Here are ONE OF A KIND creations from Lila`s Fashion Joint.  Handmade with Aloha… 

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Wardrobe Essentials Spring- Summer 2012

Spring- Summer 2012 Wardrobe Essentials # 1-  Linen Shorts

My favorite fabric of all time is good, quality linen. Its a breathing and starching fabric, perfect for the spring summer time. 

Here are my creations for Lila`s Fashion Joint: 

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On Maui time.

Maui adventures #1

Maui wakes me up with the sunrise, like a warm and gentle kiss from a mother or a lover, the air is full of oxygen, all the world surrounding us is waking up to life, reaching up to the sun. All that has life in it is welcoming the new day in their own custom way, and yet in such ever-changing harmony that allows the delicate balance of nature to exist each day.
I feel blessed to be part of it all every morning, it makes me try to do my best in every way.

One morning in Maui, I went upcountry to Keokea town with my friend to visit the house he grew up in, and there we had the great pleasure to meet Evette, the guinea that thinks she’s a chicken.
She has a beautiful family of five: a proud rooster dad, a dedicated chicken mom and three cute, but very different looking siblings, that from some loving way, no one notice them at all.

Tip #1

Wake up earlier each morning, and be happy and grateful on at least one thing, even for waking up.
Eat fresh organic fruit:)





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Somewhere… the sun is always shining…

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